Detect World Currencies by Taking Advantage of World GOLD Price Fluctuations. How? – Currency – 25 January 2023

With the understanding that the largest trading volume in the world is GOLD [XAUUSD]. So the fluctuations that arise tend to be from the effects of the GOLD [XAU] fundamentals themselves and the DOLLAR [USD] fundamentals in general. Very difficult to move by market speculators & If market makers want to influence the GOLD market a lot of cooperation is required between them. With GOLD we can recognize the original character so it’s very easy to find the pattern. One of them is about the upper and lower limits in one period. [We have made SHADOW Indicator & real charts together, make comparison in real time].

Then how can we relate it to the currency?

It’s easy, if we know that every currency that has a transaction volume fluctuates against the USD. So we can quickly conclude by comparing the USD with other pairs. And if there is a difference in direction, then it must be due to the fundamental influence of the country. Rest assured it is very profitable; because you can easily understand that currency conditions will experience “sideways” events. Then enjoy the execution of “scalping” from the REVERSAL position.

We provide facilities for you, and please explore yourself. Within a week, you can definitely find a pattern.. And enjoy the jackpot continuously.

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