[TRIAL Download] PRIME Navigator™ 2023 Install & Calibrate To Activate Pairs – Forecasts – 29 January 2023

A unique INDICATOR created with multi-function LongTerm, ShortTerm & Scalping strategy analysis. As well as information on early signs of TREND and REVERSAL which are very important as your MASTERMINDs in carrying out trading execution activities that are safer and more responsible. 

To get a high probability of winning with JACKPOT continuously personally.

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 PRIME Navigator™ 2023 Install & Calibrate To Activate Pairs

This indicator works on all Metatrader 4 platforms with Standard Accounts or Cent Accounts which have a common format like [XAUUSD. EURUSD GBPUSD and others]. We recommend registering on a real account [not a demo] so that the database you get matches realtime market prices.

Just to customize our view please use futures FBS [official download on Google]

[PRIME Navigator™] What Hope you will get on your monitor screen, now:

1. Rolling: 8 Pairs will present their respective Analysis in turn every 8 seconds.

2. At one time, 8 Timeframes of a Pair will appear simultaneously.

3. Analysis of indicator coding [MA-STOCH-CCI-RSI-MACD-WPR].

4. Each pair will be presented with Pivot lines, Resistance 1-3 and Support 1-3 automatically.

5. Each peak and valley of the Chart, marked with a yellow & red star according to pressure.

6. Color Chart illustrates long-term conditions and market conditions in a period of time.

7. The shadow of the comparison pair that will always be on every rolling chart.

8. Red & yellow arrows will be very helpful to provide predictions according to the algorithm.

9. Signal predictions are submitted at any time according to current conditions.

10. Personal settings are available for those of you who want to explore.

We really understand that you really need accurate and reliable information in one screen for your decision making as a professional trader. For this reason, no need for a long explanation. Because based on “wysiywg” all information support has been collected professionally & clearly in our products.

All sections have been tested and proven to be very productive for professional traders as well as newcomers. This is a development for our education division and you can get the benefits in just 1 week of persistent experience as part of a reflex exercise.

You get 100% realtime guidance 24 hours, even become your virtual partner as MASTERMINDs when decisions are needed to execute safely and responsibly.

Please watch the tutorial videos & simple presentations; And if you find valuable secrets & tips there, let’s immediately take advantage of the TRIAL Download to prove it in the column beside.


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