How to spot news trades – Analytics & Forecasts – 31 January 2023

How to spot trading Opportunities using Economic news events (these can be forecasted ahead of time ) i,e Monday 23.50 We have Good JPY news ahead of the Asian session into the night and early mornings Tuesday we have AUD News Bad Retail sales

AUDJPY Economic News Idea

I’m Not saying we do anything what I am saying is just have a look at the Chart and monitor if the news played out in price action. that is  AUDJPY is at resistance what do you think the with high probability is going to happen? Sell off why because we have bad news for the Australian Economy and good news for the Japanese’s economy . Plan for a sell setups with correct risk management that’s it.

AUDJPY Daily Chart

AUDJPY Daily chart , In my Mind i tell myself The Markets wants to give me money and opportunity but you have to be open to the possibility of that happening in your mind. Its a daily chart you’ve got loads of time. And these kind of ideas can be applied to all areas of ones life projects and pursuits

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