Easy scalping with IX Power – Trading Strategies – 8 December 2023

Since the first publication of IX Power, we’ve been asked if the Dog Walk Strategy might be suitable for other symbols as well.
So we had a closer look, and saw that there is some serious potential to trade with a remarkable risk reward ratio.

The tool you need for this trading strategy is IX Power MT4 or IX Power MT5

Here’s what we found:

1 – That’s the long-term trend based on our 1-week analysis

2 – Here’s the pullback of the short-term 4 hours instance. It needs to hit the opposite extreme point to the long-term 1W trend.
3 – Then we wait until the dotted 4 hours instance crossed the neutral zero level and enter a trade in the direction of the long-term 1W trend.


And here’s another example that’s even more impressive


1 – The long-term trend is BUY

2 – The pullback reaches the extreme opposite area

3 – The BUY trend continues with the cross of the zero level

And one more example, this time for Bitcoin or BTCUSD

As you can see, there is a lot of potential because you can start your trade with a tight initial stop at the last M5 candle or the last M5 high/low. 

This approach works best if the underlying exchange of this index is open. (Frankfurt for DAX, New York for the US indices, etc.)

I hope this helps to make the most out of your IX Power usage, and I’m looking forward to your feedback on this approach.

All the best, and happy trading

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