Binary strategy via binary deal trading indicator – Trading Strategies – 29 January 2023

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We are talking about how to use Binary Deal Trading Indicator for binary strategy. The significant benefit of this approach is that you get to set/adjust the parameters, martingale strategy and money management through our indicators. The main features of this indicator comprise warning signal and confirmed signal which being displayed on screen. Alert function and notification are included. The confirmed signals are not re-paint.

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A simple trading system

1.     After receive the warning signal, please prepare asset, money investment and expiry time. Wait for the confirmed signal.

2.     After receive the confirmed signal, you have to entry trade immediately.

3.     Continuous martingale on next candle for 2 step (2 candles). Please prepare sufficient investment. Please see money management section.

4.     Do not trade during the red news and bad market.

Binary strategy

Timeframe 5 minutes

Expiry time 5 minutes (or the end of candle of timeframe 5 minutes)

Currency pairs



Parameter setting

You have to set the parameters following picture below. The main parameters are History bars, Period bars and Signals sensitivity.

History bars is 1000

Fast Period bars is 5

Fast volatility is 0.5

Slow period bars is 5

Slow period bars is 15

Filter is 10


Martingale strategy for binary option

In the case of lose on the current signal, martingale strategy is considered. You can create this strategy for 2 steps of martingale. This strategy is under money management.

Step to trade

When receive the confirmed signal, to trade on the current signal on the current candle (if win, please stop the trade for this signal)

if lose, to trade on the next candle (Martingale step 1)

if lose, to trade on the next candle (Martingale step 2)

Please stop if lose on the martingale step 2

Look at the picture to clearly understand.

Martingale strategy

Money management plan

Looking the table below, money management plan comprises 2 mode, first one is Regular and the second is Recover. The number of total trades is 6 times (including martingale step).

The first trade, you have to trade in Regular mode for 1% of investment money. If you lose, step martingale-1 will be considered for double of the last money investment. The total loss is 3%.

If you lose, step martingale-2 will be considered for 5USD or total loss 8%.

In the worst case, if you lose for all 3 trades in the regular mode. You should trade in Recover mode by increase money investment for double to recover loss of 8%.

You have to stop the trade on the day when you continuously lose 6 times. The total loss is 23%.

Money management plan

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